Becoming a Grant Master

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Congratulations for taking part in this programme!

Becoming a Grant Master guides you through a powerful 4 Module process for writing Innovate UK grant application. Each session builds upon the previous session. The knowledge is transferable for other grant applications. It is important to periodically review the programme in its entirety in order to continuously refine your grant application writing skills.

The Participant’s Guide is designed to help you go through each stage of answering all questions required in Innovate UK grant application.

The Worksheet sections from the complete Participant’s Guide for each Module are available for you to download and print for your writing exercises.

Grant Masterclass

Module 1

Innovation and Project problem

Innovation is the process of trying something new or different that has the potential to address an identified need or problem. In Module 1 we focus on the specific innovation and the need or challenge you propose to address in the grant application.

Module 2

Team and Project management

Teamwork drives a company’s vision and goals due to shared values and responsibilities. In Module 2 we consider all team members, their skills, roles and experience, which are relevant to ensuring successful delivery of the project and your approach to project management.

Module 3

Market and Project impact

Having a better market awareness allows us to avoid poor decisions and optimize our good ones. In Module 3 we look at target market, route to market and commercialisation of project outputs. We demonstrate the impact of receiving the grant.

Module 4

Budget and Value for money

A budget is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a specified period of time. In Module 4 we evaluate how you spend your grant funding and what is value for money for the taxpayer. We also justify your innovation and proposal is suitable for grant funding.

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