Becoming a Grant Master

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28 February 2023

Are you ready to become a Grant Master? 

Your business may have a superb idea for a new product or service. The journey from concept to market is costly and the rapid burn rate of cash involved in R&D can blow a hole in budgets.

Grant funding help to use the potential of new technologies, develop ideas and make them a commercial success.

What is the format of applying for Innovate UK grants? How the application process looks like? How to prepare a grant application to get better score? What reviewers and assessors are looking for?


Becoming a Grant Master is the first programme of its kind in the UK exclusively designed for individuals from innovative businesses who require grant application writing skills in order to unlock public funding for commercial ideas. 

This is a 12-month programme assisting in Innovate UK grant application writing and the knowledge is transferable for other grant applications.

During the 12 month programme you will...

Learn how to write an Innovate UK grant application that will be completed at the end of the four-week Grant Masterclass.

Gain expert grant funding knowledge to apply for various grants.

Transfer the knowledge from Innovate UK grant application writing into any other funding application.

What do you get?

Four-week Grant Masterclass

You will gain expert grant funding knowledge and assistance in completing your current Innovate UK grant application. The knowledge is transferable for any other funding applications.

One-year Group Mentoring

Online teaching session once a month to keep you up to date with the industry news and answer any questions about grants so external support in bid writing is no longer needed.

Two grant application reviews

Support to assist you in completing two grant applications from any source such as ERDF programmes, Horizon Europe, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships, the Offshore Wind Energy programme.

Who is it for?

Innovative businesses with turnover about or over £1 million, and existing team of five or more members.

Currently working and planning to work on R&D projects.

Wanting to apply for Innovate UK grants in the near future.

What our clients say

‘Monika has demonstrated the highest level of diligence, expertise, and professionalism, making her an important team member and invaluable to our application process.’

John Seed
Proteus Eleven

‘Monika’s energy, professionalism and knowledge cuts the corners so you can tell your story in the best possible way.’

Brian Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick Advisory

‘Monika is a grant application superstar. Joining our application team at the eleventh hour, she was incredibly flexible, supportive and her knowledge and skill is exceptional.’

Dane Lawrence

Are you ready to become a Grant Master?

‘Knowledge isn’t power until it is applied’

Dale Carnegie

Different stages of innovation often need different types of funding support, depending on where they are in the journey from initial idea to market success. Grants are for businesses that want to scale up and grow developing new or improved products, processes or services.

Learn how to unlock public funding to make your innovation happen.

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28 February 2023