The Science of Getting Grants

Day 1

5th March 2024
9:00 – 16:00

BizSpace, Solent Business Park
Fareham PO15 7FP

Day 2

12th March 2024
9:00 – 16:00

BizSpace, Solent Business Park
Fareham PO15 7FP

Day 3

19th March 2024
9:00 – 13:00 

The third session will take place

The Science of Getting Grants is the first UK programme designed for individuals from innovative businesses who require grant application writing skills to unlock public funding for commercial ideas. 

This programme is ideal for those still new to Innovate UK funding as well as those with some experience already, wanting to develop, refresh or improve their grant application skills.

This is an intensive 3-day programme assisting in Innovate UK grant application writing and the knowledge is transferable for other grant applications.

The sign-up deadline for the programme is by 29th February 2024.


During the 3-Day programme you will...

Learn how to write an Innovate UK grant application.

Gain expert knowledge to apply for various grants.

Transfer the knowledge from Innovate UK grant proposal writing into any other funding application.

What do you get?

Day 1 Part A

Innovation is the practical implementation of ideas that result in the introduction of new or improved products and services. We will focus on the specific innovation and the challenge you propose to address in the grant application.

Day 1 Part B

Teamwork drives a company’s vision and goals due to shared values and responsibilities. We will consider all team members, their skills, roles, and experience, which are relevant to ensuring successful delivery of the project.

Day 2 Part A

Having a better market awareness allows us to avoid poor decisions and optimise our good ones. We will look at the target market, route to market and commercialisation of project outputs. We will demonstrate the impact of receiving the grant.

Day 2 Part B

A budget is an estimation of revenue and expenses over a specified period. We will evaluate how you spend your grant funding and what is value for money for the taxpayer. We will justify your innovation whether it is suitable for funding.

Day 3

Successful application depends on many factors including innovation, company’s growth, team, funding, export, and commercialisation. We will review the knowledge about Innovate UK proposals and learn what to expect after application submission.


  • Free Grant Application review
  • Free Participant’s Guide
  • Free Resources and Tools
  • Outstanding Learner Award
  • Team Player Award
  • Certificate of Accomplishment

Who is it for?

Innovative businesses based in the UK from different sectors including maritime, energy, healthcare, IT and technology.

Currently working or planning to work on R&D projects.

Wanting to apply for Innovate UK grants in the near future.

What our clients say

‘Monika helps you secure the funds, but most importantly she teaches you the whole process so you and your team become grant masters. This process has been a game changer for us.’

Feras Yosef
DFS Composites

‘Monika’s energy, professionalism and knowledge cuts the corners so you can tell your story in the best possible way.

Brian Fitzpatrick
Fitzpatrick Advisory

‘Monika is a grant application superstar. Joining our application team at the eleventh hour, she was incredibly flexible, supportive and her knowledge and skill is exceptional.’

Dane Lawrence

Are you ready for the Science of Getting Grants?

“The aim of science is to seek the simplest explanations of complex facts. We are apt to fall into the error of thinking that the facts are simple because simplicity is the goal of our quest. The guiding motto in the life of every natural philosopher should be,
Seek simplicity and distrust it.”

Alfred North Whitehead

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5 – 19 March 2024

BizSpace, Solent Business Centre

Fareham PO15 7FP